The Six Domains of Transformation to Agroecology

This briefing identifies the aspects, drivers, dimensions and qualities that are critical to have in place in a particular community, territory or country in order for the greater spread and institutional recognition and support for agroecology. […]

Risk Assessment Challenges of Synthetic Gene Drive Organisms

Our understanding of any potential adverse impacts of gene drive organisms on the environment or human health is limited by critical knowledge gaps and uncertainties with regard to both intended and unintended effects, preventing conduct of robust and reliable risk assessments. […]

Gene Drive Organisms: Implications for the Environment and Nature Conservation

A report endorsed by eight European environmental agencies has been published on the implications on the environment and nature conservation of gene drive organisms. […]

FDA’s Analysis of Genome-Edited Cattle Show Unintended Alterations, Regulation Needed

US FDA scientists report that the gene editing process to produce hornless cattle resulted in unintended alterations at a genome-edited target site, and say this is a reason why regulatory oversight of intentional genomic alterations in animals is needed. […]

Better Risk Assessment Needed for GE Plants That Can Persist and Propagate in the Environment

A new peer reviewed paper addresses specific environmental risks associated with GE plants that can spread and propagate in the environment, leading to next generation effects that could increase risks to biodiversity. […]

Study Finds CRISPR Gene-Editing Fails to Fully Knock Out Genes

A study has found that CRISPR-Cas9 edits intended to knock out the function of a gene fail to do so. Functional proteins are still produced from the damaged genes, which can result in the production of gene-edited plants that are toxic or allergenic. […]

Non-GMO Corn Outperforms GM Corn in Several US States

Results of recent field trials of non-GMO corn seed and published research show that non-GMO seed varieties can perform as well as or even better than GM seed. […]

European Risk Assessment Standards Deemed Insufficient to Determine Safety of GMOs

Current standards of risk assessment in the EU and Switzerland are deemed insufficient to determine the safety of GMOs. Instead, the precautionary principle needs to be applied far more consistently and comprehensively. […]

European Parliament Passes Resolution including Call for Global Gene Drive Moratorium

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling on the European Commission and Member States to call for a global moratorium on gene drive releases into nature, including field trials. […]

Glyphosate Disrupts Gut Bacteria and Causes Liver and Kidney Damage in Rats

A new study confirms that glyphosate and Roundup at regulatory permitted and presumed safe doses inhibit the shikimic acid pathway in gut bacteria of rats, and also cause liver and kidney damage. […]