Hope not Hype: The Future of Agriculture Guided by the IAASTD

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Biosafety First

THIRD WORLD NETWORK                   &n […]

The Case for a GM-Free Sustainable World

The Independent Science Panel (ISP) on GM – launched 10 May 2003 at a public conference in London attended by the then UK environment minister Michael Meacher and 200 other participants – consists of dozens of prominent scientists from seven count […]

Living with the Fluid Genome

One of the most persistent dogmas in western science is genetic determinism, the belief that our genetic makeup, or our birth, ultimately determines who and what we are. Genetic determinism was the guiding principle in the development of the moder […]

An Introduction to Biological Weapons, their Prohibition, and the Relationship to Biosafety

This report is an introduction to biological weapons and biological weapons control for persons familiar with biosafety and biodiversity issues. It provides a biological weapons history and discusses the future of biological weapons and their proh […]

Model National Biosafety Law

Nations of the South are increasingly faced with the prospect of the introduction into their countries of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and products derived from GNOs. These will enter countries of the Third World in greater abundance as t […]

Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare

Is genetic engineering producing miracle crops to feed the hungry? Does it offer greener agriculture to protect the environment and provide magic cures for diseases? Or will those promises pale beside the perils lurking in the large-scale commerci […]