GM Crop Moratorium Bill 2004

Genetically modified food crops will not be permitted for commercialrelease into the environment in the ACT [Australian Capital Territory]until mid-2006, under laws passed in the Legislative Assembly lastnight.The Government’s Gene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Bill imposes athree-year moratorium on the environmental release of GM crops, but hasprovisions to allow scientific research to continue. The Governmentcommitted to introducing a moratorium in June 2003.The moratorium, ending on June 17, 2006, would allow time for the ACTcommunity to properly assess any impact such crops would have on non-GMcrops. The Assembly will again debate the issue once the moratoriumends.(extracts from "GM food crops not allowed until 2006", Canberra Times, Australia, 2 Jul 2004)—————————————————————————————Gene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Bill 2004- presented by Minister for Health (Gov)- amended during its passage in the Legislative Assemblya) Bill as presented – 11 March 2004b) Passed and awaiting notification – 1 July 2004

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