Agroecological Principles to Guide Transition Pathways Towards Food Security

This paper develops and discusses a consolidated list of agroecological principles in the context of presenting transition pathways to more sustainable food systems. […]

New Democratic Governance Imperatives to Enhance Agricultural Biodiversity

This article makes a call for new democratic forms of inclusive, cooperative and ecologically-rational governance over agricultural biodiversity, with peasants and other small-scale food providers as equal partners. […]

Countering the Digitalization Tsunami Sweeping Over Our Food Systems

To counter corporate-controlled digitalization of, and to regain control over, our food systems, we need to assert peasant farmers’ sovereignty over their data, promote agroecology and bottom-up technologies, and build a comprehensive global system of participatory technology assessment. […]

Feminist Agroecology For a Fair and Sustainable Global Food System

Feminist agroecology places ‘life’, relationships, care and balance at the center of a fair and sustainable food system. […]

From COVID-19 to Radical Transformation of Our Food Systems

Covid-19 has underscored the need for systemic change towards socially just food systems with agency, sustainability and stability at its heart, which can be characterised as agroecology and food sovereignty. […]

Transforming Agriculture and Food Systems Using the 10 Elements of Agroecology

The FAO’s 10 elements of agroecology supports the design of differentiated paths for agriculture and food systems transformation, hence facilitating improved decision-making at different scales along agroecological transitions towards sustainable agriculture and food systems. […]

Agroecology’s Transformative Resilience-Building Potential

This study finds robust scientific evidence demonstrating that agroecology increases climate resilience and contributes to a low-emissions pathway. The interdisciplinary and systemic nature of agroecology is key for its true transformational power. […]

Agroecology Essential for a Robust Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

By integrating agroecological principles, the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework will be more robust in considering threats to biodiversity, people’s needs and identifying tools and solutions in support of the 2050 vision of ‘Living in harmony with nature’. […]

Farmer-based Agroecology: A Societal Transformation of Food and Agriculture

Farmer-based agroecology is an essential part of a global process of change combining ecological and social justice and emancipation, and in which farmers and citizens are fully involved at all levels. […]

Accelerated Transformation of Our Food Systems Needed Now

A new book describes major highlights and trends in our agri-food systems over the last decade. Fundamental transformation is urgently needed to withstand the enormous challenges, and agroecology is the emerging and integrating answer to new challenges. […]