Farmer-based Agroecology: A Societal Transformation of Food and Agriculture

Farmer-based agroecology is an essential part of a global process of change combining ecological and social justice and emancipation, and in which farmers and citizens are fully involved at all levels. […]

Accelerated Transformation of Our Food Systems Needed Now

A new book describes major highlights and trends in our agri-food systems over the last decade. Fundamental transformation is urgently needed to withstand the enormous challenges, and agroecology is the emerging and integrating answer to new challenges. […]

Time to Abandon Failing Green Revolution

It is time for African governments to step back from the failing Green Revolution and chart a new food system that respects local cultures and communities by promoting low-cost, low-input ecological agriculture. […]

Agroecology to Reconstruct a Post-Covid-19 Agriculture

Agroecology provides a path to reconstruct a post-COVID-19 agriculture, able to avoid future widespread disruptions of food supplies by territorializing food production and consumption, and providing means to cope with future challenges by exhibiting high levels of diversity and resilience while delivering yields and providing key ecosystem functions. […]

Unlocking the Potential for Agroecological Transition in West Africa

This new report from IPES-Food identifies four leverage points where sustained action could build on progress already made, overcome key obstacles, and accelerate the agroecological transition in West Africa. […]

Failings of the Green Revolution in Africa – It’s Time for Agroecology

An international study has documented the failure of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa to achieve its stated goals of doubling incomes and halving hunger by 2020, and therefore calls on Africa to change course and take up agroecology instead. […]

Tackling Climate and Rural Livelihood Crises in the Dairy Sector

Tackling the climate and rural livelihood crises in the dairy sector requires policies to redirect public funds away from polluting industrial agriculture systems, regulate negative impacts, and regenerate rural communities and livelihoods through agroecological systems. […]

Scaling-Up Agroecology Essential to Addressing Hunger in the Sahel

A guide to help civil society groups upscale agroecology in the Sahel provides key strategies towards successful implementation. […]

What is Holding Back Investment in Agroecological Research for Africa?

Money flows in agricultural development are still reinforcing damaging industrial models in Africa and only a fraction of agricultural research funding in Africa is being used to transform food and farming systems. […]

Agroecology: A Fundamental Pathway for the Advancement of Women’s Rights

Food sovereignty and agroecology offer powerful alternatives to the unequal and gendered power relations in rural and urban communities, and are themselves tools and pathways to overcoming the oppressive structures in which women are embedded. […]