US Military Research That Disperses GM Viruses to Plants Could be Misused as Bioweapon

Critics of an agricultural research project by the US Military warn about possible weaponization of the resulting technology, which would use infected insects to deliver genetically modified viruses to plants. […]

Dangerous Proposal for “Gain of Function” Modification of Smallpox Virus Must Never be Approved

Scientists Call for Halt to Smallpox Research

Should we keep researching smallpox?

Humanity has not known a case of smallpox for the last 36 years, since 1978. In 1980, the Wo […]

Don’t Open Pandora’s Box of Genetic Engineering of Smallpox

Smallpox Destruction: Key Issues and Recommendations for the 67th WHA

Third World Netw […]

No Excuse Left but Biotech for Smallpox?

Will the United States start a smallpox threat […]

Update on the Status of WHO Authorized Research Involving Variola Virus

Smallpox: WHO Executive Board passes the buck to the World Health Assembly

Smallpox: WHO Executive Board passes the buck to the World Health Assembly 

Austin, Texas, 28 Jan (Edward Hammond) &nda […]

US-Sponsored Risky Research May Affect Global Flu Virus Framework


WHO: US-sponsored risky research may affect global flu virus framework
Published in SUNS #7288 dated 17 January 2012
Austin, Texas, United States, 16 J […]

Observations on Destruction of Smallpox Virus Stocks at the 65th WHA