Worrying Effects of Roundup on Humans, Environment

Item 1

Roundup highly lethal to amphibians, finds University […]

Horizontal Gene Transfer – The Hidden Hazards of Genetic Engineering

Horizontal transfer of transgenic DNA has the potential, among other things, to create new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases and spread drug and antibiotic resistance genes among pathogens. […]

Biotechnology and Indigenous People

This paper raises concerns with regards to biotechnology from an indigneous people’s perspective. […]

Transgenic woody plants in forestry and agriculture

This report summarizes the different research emphases on transgenic woody plants, presents problems and limits of the new developments and discusses possible risks. […]

Unregulated Hazards of ‘Naked’ and ‘Free’ Nucleic Acids

This study highlights the findings in gene therapy and vaccine development that naked/free nucleic acids created by genetic engineering are potentially the most hazardous xenobiotics. […]