Effects of Chronic Exposure to Glyphosate at Very Low Doses in Rats

Studies demonstrate that chronic long-term exposure to Roundup, the world’s most widely used herbicide, at an ultra-low, environmental dose can have potential significant health implications. […]

US Scientists Stress the Health Dangers of Herbicides Used with GMOs

Two leading US scientists stress the health dangers of herbicides used with herbicide-resistant GM crops, calling for a thorough reconsideration of all aspects of the safety of plant biotechnology. […]

Effects of GE Soybean Feed on Goat Offspring

A scientific study has found that goats fed with genetically engineered soybean had 40% less immune substance in their milk, resulting in significant reductions in the weight of their offspring. […]

Cry1Ab Protein Triggers Immunogenic and Allergenic Reactions in Mice

A study has found that exposure via nasal inhalation to the Bt protein Cry1Ab produced immunogenic and allergenic reactions in mice. […]

Scientific Review Finds Lack of Evidence on GM Food Safety

A review of studies on the health impacts of GM food on rats finds a serious lack of evidence on safety. Not only are there no published studies for most of the approved GM crops but those that have been conducted are flawed. […]

Reduced Fitness Levels in Daphnia Fed Roundup-Ready Soybean

Scientists from Norway have recently published a paper demonstrating reduced fitness levels in Daphnia magna fed Roundup-Ready soybean. […]

Glyphosate Detected in Breast Milk of American Mothers

A first-ever testing of glyphosate in the breast milk of American mothers has found ‘high’ levels in 3 out of 10 samples, raising concerns that the herbicide, widely used with GM herbicide resistant crops, can accumulate in the human body. […]

Sources and Mechanisms of Health Risks from Genetically Modified Crops and Foods

This TWN Biosafety Briefing identifies the sources of health risks that can potentially arise from GM foods as well as presents the increasing body of evidence that shows the disruptive effect of the GM transformation process and clear signs of toxicity i […]

Long-term Toxicology Study on Pigs Fed A Combined GM Soy and GM Maize Diet

In a long-term toxicology study, pigs feed a mixture of GM soy and GM corn had a heavier uterus and a higher level of severe inflammation in stomachs than non-GM-fed pigs. […]

Don’t Look, Don’t Find: Health Hazards of Genetically Modified Food

A peer-reviewed article on the health hazards of genetically modified foods tackles the hard issues concerning the safety of GM foods. […]