FDA’s Analysis of Genome-Edited Cattle Show Unintended Alterations, Regulation Needed

US FDA scientists report that the gene editing process to produce hornless cattle resulted in unintended alterations at a genome-edited target site, and say this is a reason why regulatory oversight of intentional genomic alterations in animals is needed. […]

Study Finds CRISPR Gene-Editing Fails to Fully Knock Out Genes

A study has found that CRISPR-Cas9 edits intended to knock out the function of a gene fail to do so. Functional proteins are still produced from the damaged genes, which can result in the production of gene-edited plants that are toxic or allergenic. […]

European Parliament Passes Resolution including Call for Global Gene Drive Moratorium

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling on the European Commission and Member States to call for a global moratorium on gene drive releases into nature, including field trials. […]

Prime Editing Does Not Solve the Problem of Unintended Effects

A new complex technique called ‘prime editing’ is touted to be far more precise than the CRISPR gene-editing tool, but in all likelihood, the same undesirable off-target and on-target effects will occur. […]

Serious Lack of Regulatory Oversight Over Releases of Nucleic Acids and Proteins into the Environment

New technologies allow nucleic acids and proteins to be delivered to cells, tissues and organisms in the open environment. However, the current lack of regulatory oversight could lead to either dual use appropriation or unintended harm to human health or the environment. […]

Serious Threats Posed by Gene Drives for Conservation

Gene drives proposed for conservation purposes pose serious threats because their implementation could have far-reaching unintended consequences and could trigger irremediable modification of the natural environment. […]

Legal and Regulatory Issues Relevant to Gene Drive Organisms

There is an urgent need for effective international and legally binding regulation of gene drive organisms (GDOs). […]

Transferring the Laboratory to the Wild: An Emerging Era of Environmental Genetic Engineering

New GE techniques such as genome editing and new delivery techniques have facilitated an emerging trend to genetically engineer organisms in the wild, essentially converting the environment into the laboratory. […]

Gene-Editing Can Insert Unwanted DNA

Researchers have discovered that standard methods of animal and plant gene-editing can introduce DNA from unexpected sources. […]

Genome-Edited Hornless Cattle Found to Have Unintended Antibiotic Resistance Genes

New research published by US Food and Drug Administration scientists has discovered foreign DNA inadvertently introduced into the genomes of genome-edited animals, dealing a significant blow to the biotech industry’s claims that no regulation of such organisms is necessary. […]