Hungarian Background on Views of 1st Generation Genetically Modified Plants

This Hungarian-English book, published by the Agricultural Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, compiles the results of a decade of biosafety research – mostly related to MON 810 maize, for which there has been a moratorium on cultivation in Hungary. […]

Advancing the Understanding of Biosafety (Spanish)

Extended abstracts in Spanish from the Scientific Conference ‘Advancing the Understanding of Biosafety’ held in October 2010 in Nagoya, Japan. […]

Conference Proceedings on Understanding of Biosafety

Report on a biosafety conference held on 7-9 Nov 2010 in Nagoya, Japan […]

Advancing the Understanding of Biosafety: Extended Abstracts

The foremost aim of this Scientific Conference is to advance the current understanding of biosafety in terms of the ecological, human health and socio-economic implications of GMOs. […]

Stacked GMOs a Challenge for Biosafety

This report discusses GM stacked varieties and reveals current and future trends. […]

New Paper Questions Safety of GM Food Crops

New study further questions safety of GM foods. […]

Coexistence of Plants and Coexistence of Farmers: Is an Individual Choice Possible?

This study has found that the cultivation of GM maize in two regions of Spain caused a drastic reduction in the cultivation of organic maize, raising questions about the possibility of coexistence. […]

A Typology of the Effects of (Trans)Gene Flow on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources

This paper gives an overview of current research regarding the possible effects of transgene flow on human health, the environment, the various stakeholders in the food and feed production chain and on the conservation of plant genetic resources. […]

New Attack on GM Food Safety Testing Standards

A fundamental principle of food safety testing is under fire. The pressure comes from GM plant developers that are bypassing a key safety test, which has a long history of safe use as a food for people. […]

Transformation-induced Mutations in Transgenic Plants: Analysis and Biosafety Implications

A comprehensive and up to date resource on the characteristics of transgene integration and associated genetic changes. […]