Scientific Evidence on Adverse Impacts of GM Crops and Foods


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Re: Scientific evidence on adverse impacts of GM crops and foods

The Coalition for a GM-Free India has recently released an extensive compilation of scientific papers titled "Adverse Impacts of Transgenic Crops/Foods: A Compilation of Scientific References and Abstracts" which showcases the evidence on the adverse impacts of transgenic crops and foods.

The compilation presents a picture of the evidence available on specific aspects such as molecular level instability and unpredictability induced by the process of genetic engineering; health implications arising from the individual genes used as well as the GMO, in addition to of the chemicals used along with particular GMOs; and environmental implications in terms of impacts on biodiversity, soil, pests and diseases, impacts on non-target organisms, creation of herbicide tolerant weeds and so on. It also includes studies which have looked at the yield aspects of GM crops, regulation and suggested improvements in biosafety assessment regimes, and the ethical and socio-economic implications of GMOs.

The compilation highlights that there is a significant amount of scientific evidence that points to problems with GM crops. Several studies also show the need for further, detailed investigations.

The full compilation is available at

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Scientific Evidence on Adverse Impacts of GM Crops and Foods

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